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Sunday, 21 April 2013


Besides adopting Marmalade & Oscar, we seem to have attracted the attention of another cat, that we have called Smudge.

We have no idea of where he came from, or goes to; as he is a regular visitor, rather than a squatter, like Marmalade was before we officially adopted him.

Smudge is quite a playful and affectionate cat, but O & M are weary of him. Probably because he hasn't  been to the vets yet for that all important snip.

I have suggested to Gail that we put a collar on him, and attach a note to his owners, if he has one, saying that he is a visitor to our house, and always seems hungry.

When he does visit, he always likes to hide under a garden chair. We usually give him some food that neither Marmalade or Oscar want, as they are getting quite fussy now, and only certain flavours will do.