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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Playing Dividends

It's not everyday that an up and coming local artist posts out free CDs to anyone who wants one. Well that's exactly what Jack Peachy, AKA Gallery 47 did the other day. He had put a message on Facebook and so I messaged him my address, and lo and behold this three track album arrived through the letterbox; together with a little hand drawn cartoon of a dog.

We first saw Gallery 47 nearly two years ago at a fashion show. He was there to provide some music in between costume changes. And he wasn't bad. Just him and his guitar.  Jack's come on leaps and bounds, and has already released an album called 'Fate is the Law'.

I read on his Facebook page earlier this week that he has given up his full time job so that he can write and record his next album. A brave move, especially in these difficult times. But sometimes I think you have to follow your dream. And anyway he's young enough not to be too concerned about having to pay a mortgage etc. I wish him luck with his project and hopes he becomes as well known as Nottingham's other indie folk musician Jake Bugg.

Here's a video of him singing one of his songs on YouTube. Hope you like it.