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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Seeing Red

Lanny has chosen the most devilish theme this week for the Headbanger Challenge. Persimmon. A fruit, a bit like a tomato. Practically unknown in the UK as far as I know, so we are posting our version of the red hue. Here's mine, a rather gorgeous sunset over Eastwood. Taken after a rehearsal at the ruined priory there earlier in the year. A bit cliched I know, but it hasn't been a very colourful week so far.

Don't forget to see how the rest of the team have interpreted the theme.

Today's offering is something less brightly coloured, the Nottingham Canal, which I took tonight cycling home. And no wind or rain which was a bonus. The orange glow of the lights is quite welcoming and adds to the reflection of the trees in the water. I took this handheld with my GF1, and I don't think it's turned out too bad.

My musical offering this week is Kate Bush & Wuthering Heights. I could have gone for Chris de Burgh and Lady in Red, but this is Kate's rarely seen video of her dancing in a red dress.