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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Another Belly Filling Time

As some of my long time followers will know, tomorrow is my birthday and wedding anniversary. 49 and 6, if you were wondering. And that way round too, otherwise it would be mathematically impossible for either of us!

For a treat, we went to Jamie's Italian, which opened about six or seven months ago. The meal was free too, as at Christmas I won a raffle that was organised by the Paul Smith shops to raise money for the local Maggie's hospital, and one of the prizes was a meal at Jamie Oliver's restaurant.

Unfortunately Jamie wasn't in charge of the stove, but the chef they had employed did a lovely job of cooking the food that was on the menu. The restaurant was busy, and everyone was having a good time and tucking into their plates. The Liverpudlian waiter (Chris) we had serving us was very good. Just as a waiter should be. Attentive, but not imposing. He fully deserved the tip I gave him.

I would just like take this opportunity to wish my darling wife a happy anniversary and a big thank you for six wonderful years, full of up's and downs, good times and bad. And also for putting up with my blogging, which I know you see as a bit of an obsession. Mind you, I've had to put up with your handbags and cosmetics. So it works both ways!