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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Blue Is The Colour

The cold weather must have got to Tom this week, as he has chosen 'blue' as the theme for this week's Headbanger Challenge.
Ah, I thought, a deceptively simple topic to interpret. But one that has many pitfalls. Will a photo of the sky or sea seem somewhat of a cliche? But then I'm happy to go with the flow. Of course I tried to but a bit of creative spin on it, and so I was going to use this photo of one of my shirts drying on the washing line in the sun. Yes, the sun. It actually paid us all a visit. And on a Sunday too! Whatever next? It might actually decide to stay for more than one day and the temperature might actually rise a bit, so I can put my scarf away.

But then today I was walking close to the Theatre Royal and I saw this classic car from the 1960s. A Volvo P1800, in blue no less. Many people will remember Roger Moore driving one when he played the Saint on TV. His of course was in white. So I've decided to go with this one, as I was just fated to see it. When I'm walking around town in my lunch hour, I have no set plan, other than firstly going to the Old Market Square; to see if there is anything going off there. Then it's just where my feet decide to take me. Sometimes I see something, sometimes I don't. On this occasion, and like yesterday, I did.

To see what the other members of the team have come up with, do pop over to their pages and have a look and possibly leave a message. Also enjoy this piece of music by Blue Rodeo and shot in glorious black and white.