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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Lighter Than Air

Another change this week as Stewart has chosen the Headbanger Challenge in place of Dave, who is busy being intelligent for a change, rather than messing around with a camera.

So what has Imac chosen for his theme this week? He's gone for 'simply light'.

My instant first though was that of a tub of margarine. But that's not a very exciting photo to show people and would never have got the gold. So instead I've gone for this rather unusual shot of a mummy that I came across in the junk shop at Rye.

Now my thinking for this photo is that the original body when embalmed, lost a lot of weight through the process of removing the person's insides and then the body was dried for about two months in a vat of salt. After it is just wrapped in bandages, it would be simply light. And of course being over four thousand years helps as well, as more decay can take place. Now mummy's are classic horror film characters, as they march around trying to kill people with their bandaged hands. The most famous being Boris Karloff's 1932 offering, which could be acknowledged as the first one. Influenced of course by the discovery of Tutankhamun in 1922.

Please pop over to the other gang's pages to see how they have interpreted the theme, and enjoy this great piece of comedy music.

Today's blog is also influenced by the theme. In fact I was thinking of using it as the main photo. Another one taken in the junk shop. A lovely model of an early attempt at manned flight. It's a wonderful shade of red and would look great on a bookshelf with other aeroplane models, or on the desk of someone involved in the aviation industry.