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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

For Those Who Rock We Salute You

A warm welcome back to Dave this week after his education sabbatical for the last few weeks. He's picked the theme for this week too - garden birds.

Now being extremely cold and with snow around, I've not seen that many of our feathered friends in our garden at the moment. Although we don't get that many these days anyway, mostly pigeons, magpies and sparrows. Although the number of sparrows has declined over the last few years. We have a hedge that was once teeming with sparrows, now it's virtually silent. So nothing really exciting to show you and a photo that might earn me the gold. So I was doing a bit of blue sky thinking, which was quite apt considering the subject, and thought that depending on where ones garden was would dictate what birds visited it. So looking through my photo archive I came across this super seagull who lives in Monte Carlo. I bet he's visited quite a few gardens in Monaco in search of some tasty snacks.

I do love the sound of seagulls, and when I hear their call I am instantly transported to the seaside. Sunny days sitting on the beach and eating an ice cream. A 99 of course, with an extra Flake. I have seen a few seagulls over at my local park, even though the sea is some 70 miles away from here. But they have travelled further in-land over the years in that constant search for food and a more varied diet than chips.

Don't forget to visit the rest of the gangs' pages to see what feathered friend they have decided to show you and enjoy this groovy tune from the late 1960s.

Music is also the subject of today's blog post. Whilst in Glasgow I read that there was a special exhibition of AC/DC memorabilia on at a local museum. The only location in the UK that would be showing it. So of course being a rocker at heart I just had to go. Gail was getting her nails done ready for the wedding, so I was able to go on my own and soak up the rocking atmosphere. There was plenty of artefacts on show including clothing, album covers, tour posters etc. Of course there was a poster up saying 'no photography', and of course I ignored it and took a few on the sly. Here's one of them, a gigantic 100 Dollar bill with Angus Young's grinning face. Angus of course was born in Glasgow and founder of the hard rockin band.