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Friday, 10 February 2012

Robin And His Not So Merry Men

Tonight was the yearly extravaganza in Nottingham that is called Light Night. This year Stewart (iMac) and his wife Julie popped up from Grantham for the weekend. Besides coming to see us and the show, they were planning to see his son who lives here and is in a local band called Red Shoe Diaries who were playing at the Contemporary.

Light Night this year seemed a little subdued. I don't know if it was due to the financial restrictions that are still around, or the very, very cold weather. It was around minus 3 last night, and didn't everyone know it as scarves, hats, thick coats and gloves were abound.

We met up in the Old Market Square, as everyone does and then went for some food at a local hostelry before seeing what was on offer. Some artists were trying to project shapes and films onto the front of the Council House, but seem to be having a lot of trouble lining up the projector with the building. The visit to the castle was a bit more successful, as there were a couple of illuminated Daleks and a Tardis on show next to the statue of Robin Hood. They were drawing quite a crowd. Which just goes to show how popular Doctor Who is with everyone. Here are the Daleks looking menacing and waiting to exterminate Robin Hood. Maybe the Doctor will pop out of his ship and save our favourite outlaw.