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Monday, 6 February 2012

On The Rocks

Although Scotland is famed for getting a lot of snow each year, Glasgow completely missed out on the fall that the rest of the UK had experienced over the weekend. Sure it was cold. But nothing too harsh to stop us walking around the city. We left last night and flew back to the East Midlands Airport. No problems with the landing, retrieving our cases etc and by 9pm we were back home, saying hello to Marmalade and Oscar and tucking into a big bowl of porridge each, as we were both quite hungry and wanted something warm and filling.

We bought some miniature bottles of liquor at Glasgow Airport's duty free shop. Gail wanted to try some Indian gin with Russian tonic water, as her sister had said how nice it was. They had a big bottle on sale for £16. But it was a bit too much to shell out on something that neither of us might like. But I spotted some sample bottles on offer at three for two. So we made a selection before boarding the plane.

So this morning we got our first proper look in the daylight at the amount of snow that had fallen over the last few days. I then had the idea of taking a photo of the miniature bottles of booze sitting in the snow, cooling down ready to drink. Cheers!