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Friday, 24 February 2012

Food Time Again

Lunchtime food treat today with a couple of ladies from the office. We went to a new place that recently opened called Brown's. I mentioned on this blog a few weeks ago that some builders were converting an empty Victorian building into a new restaurant. Well today I sampled the result. I missed the actual opening, as I was away in Rye. So it has been a little while coming.

I'd also heard a few negative reviews from some co-workers who had been there before, who had said that the food wasn't very good or wasn't cooked properly. So I was a bit apprehensive in one respect, but was looking forward to seeing the inside, as I heard lots of favourable reports about the decor.

Well I can happily say that both my lunch and the surroundings were both delicious. I had some kiln smoked salmon pate on toast with some watercress, and for pudding I opted for a bowl of fruit with Greek yoghurt and a drizzle of honey. My compatriots had the same. Here's a photo of what a part of the brasserie looks like. I think it will be a favourite haunt of ours from now on. In fact we have already arranged a lunch next month already.