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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bunny Cuddles

Well the clocks went forward early this morning and what a difference it seems to have made to the weather. Yes it's still cold, but the sun actually shined today, and for more than ten minutes.

But we decided to stay in today and do a few jobs, instead of wandering off somewhere in the search of a photo or two. We might do that tomorrow, it being a Bank Holiday.

So what's been my task today? Well we are setting up our own studio in a spare bedroom, and yesterday, we pulled up the old carpet and underlay, and so today I have been trying to do something with the floorboards. They are in good condition, so I have been sanding the old varnish, paint and stuff off, then I am going to re-varnish them so they look quite presentable in a photograph when we start in ernest.

As we haven't been anywhere, here's a little Easter scene that I shot in the conservatory. The soft toy belongs to Gail, and the little sheep, which is actually the top of a pencil, was a present from a friend of mine who went to New Zealand on holiday a few years ago.

You might not be surprised that practically all those little chocolate Easter eggs have now been eaten!