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Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Splash Of Colour

We had a trip to our local branch of B&Q yesterday afternoon to buy some new flooring for the hallway.

Whilst we were looking around, I thought that I would take some photos of some of the colourful plants that were on sale, as they all looked very photogenic.

Unfortunately I didn't make a note of the plant names. But I'm sure the gardeners amongst you will be able to tell what they are.

I also spotted some wildlife, whilst I was there. These ducks looked very friendly. But as they are made of pot, I don't think they will float somehow.

This bee was enjoying flying from plant to plant, gathering precious nectar for the hive. Its a sad fact that the British bee appears to be on the decline, due to the loss of habitat, use of chemicals and possibly the weather. So it was good to see the plants on sale that bees are attracted to.

And finally this hummingbird garden ornament looked fun, and a gorgeous blue colouring. Was I tempted to buy one for the garden? No, as the springs joining the wings are likely to rust and then they will drop off.