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Saturday, 17 August 2013


You may remember a band that I mentioned last year called the Disco Prophets. They are a local group that play well known disco songs from the 1970s and 80s.

They went quiet for a while, but I have been in regular contact with their leader Rupert, who I knew when we were both children in London. He said that he's had a change of line up and got rid of the horn section.

So as a first outing and warm up gig for a charity night next week, they played at a pub in town for an hour or so. The Disco Prophets usually have a male singer as well called 'The Soul Panther' but as they didn't have one at that point, Fay, a singer from another band was borrowed for the evening. And very good she was too. Singing songs that were around probably before she was born.

They also had a new bass guitarist called Heather, who is Paul the keyboard player's partner. She was also excellent, thumping away on an instrument that was nearly as big as she is.

It was a great gig, and I think the smallish audience enjoyed their unique take on all those hits from all those years ago

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