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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Festival Bites

The Riverside Festival is an annual treat down by the Embankment. We've been going for a few years now and mostly in the afternoon, so this time we though we might try the early evening.

It was quite overcast when we arrived, so it looked a bit darker than it actually should be. The canopy of trees adds to the feeling of night time.

The main road through the park is always full of fairground rides and food stalls. We were feeling a little peckish, so stopped to have some potatoes that had been roasted in duck fat. The potatoes had been diced, but hadn't been cooked long enough, so they weren't very crusty on the outside, the way that roast potatoes should be.

Music also plays a big part of the festival. This year there was three stages. We were drawn to the one that had the biggest audience. We could here the music, a real Latin beat, and the musicians seemed crazy with jumping and leaping all over the stage to their tunes.

I found out that they are called Txarango, and here's a WEBLINK to their site, so you can learn a bit more about them. They will certainly get your feet tapping, just like the audience's at the Riverside Festival.