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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Taxi For Gailsman!

It's celebration time today as local taxi company Cloud Cars reaches its first birthday.

So what's so great about this particular company that calls for them to be highlighted on my blog you may be asking?

Well the special thing is that their fleet is entirely made up of the eco-friendly Toyota Prius, and they are probably the best quality taxi company in Nottingham.

I knew about the company through Twitter, but had never seen a vehicle in real life. So earlier this year I messaged them asking if I could pop along to their depot to photograph one of the cars. But then I changed jobs, and it would be a long trek to see them from where I am now based. And so I left it at that for the moment.

Then late last week I spotted a car near where I work, and so I Tweeted the fact. Cloud Cars then messaged me back reminding me about the proposed photo-shoot. As it is their birthday today, I thought it was an opportune time to do it.

So after a few Tweets I met up with Wayne the driver in the Lace Market outside the Lace Market Hotel. Ideally I would have liked to have taken the photo near the castle, but there would be too many people in the area, so I thought the Lace Market would be good, as its a quiet area and has some nice buildings.

We had a chat about the company while I was waiting for the traffic to pass by. Wayne told me that the company presently owns five cars, and there are plans to buy some more shortly. He also told me that all the drivers' backgrounds are properly checked out and are expected to have a pretty good knowledge of the city and its road system. The drivers wear collar and tie, and the vehicles are kept in tip top condition.

For more information about Cloud Cars and how to contact them for a booking, here's the LINK to their website.