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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Here Be Dragons

A quick trip up to the garden centre today to try and get some solution to a weed problem that we have in our pond. A little green weed is slowly covering the top of the pond. And the more that I fish it out, the more it seems to grow. So we wondered whether they would have a special weedkiller that I could use to get rid of it.

I explained the problem to the assistant in their aquatic centre, who said that it was duckweed, and pointed me in the direction of a liquid that should get rid of the problem. He said that the weed is usually introduced into the water by frogs, of which we have had loads this year.

So we bought the bottle and then had a look round the plants, pots and garden ornaments. I was quite taken with this dragon, with his big eyes and infectious grin. I didn't buy him though, as he might have scared Oscar and Marmalade!