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Friday, 11 October 2013

Criminal Activity

Another trip to the theatre tonight. This time to the Playhouse and to see a production called "Charles Peace, His Amazing Life", which was the story of an infamous Victorian burglar and murderer, who lived in Nottingham for a time; bizarrely enough very close to old the county gaol, which is now the Galleries of Justice.

Talking of which, they presently have a small exhibition about Peace, and a model of the set design for the actual play, which you can see above. Neat isn't it, and the real one looks quite close in concept.

So on to the play itself, and it was actually very good. Former Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan (1980-84) played Charlie with some aplomb and Norman (we the management) Pace played the showman and narrator, as the action moved from Peace's hometown of Sheffield, to Nottingham, then to London and finally to jail where he meets his maker courtesy of the hangman's noose.

There was plenty of action and interesting set pieces.  There was also a clever use of video projections; especially that of a moving train. Giles Croft has done a great directing job in keeping the story flowing, and without any dull bits, that you sometimes get in plays.

It's a world premiere too from local writer Michael Eaton. Who has done a nice job of piecing together the life of this criminal, who by all accounts was quite a ladies man, despite having a face that would curdle milk.

Charlie Peace is running to the end of next week, and is worth seeing for a number of reasons, and not just to see Peter Duncan do something else besides making things with sticky backed plastic and a loo roll.