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Saturday, 5 October 2013

All The Fun OF The Fair

I popped down to the Forest Recreation Ground to see the Goose Fair; or Goosey, as the locals call it.

This year marks the 719th, so I went to see if there was anything different from last year.  Everything seemed to be almost identical to last years, except for a new ride called 'Air'.

Although it might be a new ride to Goose Fair, but it's not a new ride to Nottingham, as it made an appearance last Christmas in the Old Marker Square, where it was called 'North Pole'.

You're basically sent up to the top of the tower, whizzed round a bit and lowered again. Not a thing that I'd like to do. In fact, I don't like fairground rides at all, except to take photos of them.

For some reason nearly all the "test your skills" stalls had Minions for prizes. Whether it was hooking a duck; in the shooting gallery or knocking things over, the little yellow people were being given away to the successful contestants.