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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Lighting Up The Night

Gail and I had been invited to a belated birthday party in town, so while I was walking from work to meet her, I saw all these paper lanterns tied to the railings of St Peter's Church.

I also bumped into a photographer friend of ours called Tracey Whitefoot, who was photographing them as well. Tracey explained that they would each contain tea lights, which would be lit when it got dark.

Apparently there would be 100 of these lateens, that had been made out of different coloured paper; possibly wallpaper. Some had little comments on them. I found one of them quite funny - "A well balanced diet is having a cake in each hand"!

Sadly I couldn't wait for the candles to be lit, as I had to go and meet Gail before enjoying the birthday party at a local restaurant.