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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Lion King

Film club last night at a local restaurant, where we were all introduced to local film maker Ben Wigley  by Matt, who compiles the Beestonian magazine and blogs. Here's a LINK to his site.

Ben talked about his short films before we saw them. My favourite was the one starring fashion designer Paul Smith. It was about all the gifts that are sent to Paul everyday. But the curious thing is that none of the presents are wrapped. They just arrive at his Covent Garden office covered in stamps. Whether it is a watering can or child's bike.  Here's a shot of Matt (left) talking to Ben, with Paul Smith on screen, whose listening to everything they are saying!

We then had some Ghanian food, as Ben's latest project is about Paa Joe, who makes these amazing coffins in all sorts of shapes and sizes. His best one Iv'e seen is of a lion, with a fantastically carved mane. Paa Joe is of course Ghanian, hence the food on offer, a sort of vegetable curry, which was very tasty, and I didn't refuse seconds when they were offered.

Ben is currently attempting to raise further funds, so he can finish the film. We saw a five minute extract, but he needs more money so he can return to Ghana and complete the documentary. I'm sharing  Ben's promotional video, as some people who read my blog may be interested in backing his plans;


We then saw a recently made documentary that had been screened around the world regarding this Russian man who claims he is the reincarnated son of God, and has a commune high in the mountains of Siberia. He is called the Vissarion and his religious group are called The Church of the Last Testament.

It was very interesting as Ben made a solo trip to Russia to try and interview him. But of course he was refused. I've often wondered about these religious groups, and are they doing it for love or money?