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Saturday, 19 October 2013


Phew, have I had a busy day photographing bands and singers for Beeston's Oxjam music festival. Some sixty bands over twelve hours at ten locations.

Obviously with that many artists, and some appearing at the same time, but at different locations, it was going to be almost impossible to see them all. But I managed to do about twenty.

The three photos that I've put on were all taken in the evening at the former Barton's bus depot, which has now become an arts and crafts venue.

Rebecca King is a young soul singer from London, but lives in Nottingham. This was the first time that I heard her sing. And very good she was too.

I first came into contact with One Boy One Girl's music last October when they won the local music contest called Notts Factor. Since winning it, they have produced an EP, toured extensively and put out some videos which can be seen on YouTube.

I've mentioned Emma Bladon-Jones a few times on here now, since she went in for the Notts Factor competition too. This was her tenth gig of the day, as she had set herself a goal of playing at each of the venues during the length of Oxjam. This feat, which she sucessfully accomplished was being followed by a cameraman from the BBC, who had followed Emma around throughout the day, for an item on Midlands Today.