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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Getting Hitched

After a very busy day yesterday shooting for Oxjam, it seems that I, and Gail this time are going to be very busy with our cameras at a lavish Asian wedding at a nearby hotel.

Fortunately we have enough memory cards and batteries, so we just grabbed our gear and went. The hotel isn't too far from where we live, so we were soon there and having a look around.

Were weren't going to shoot the official photographs, as they are taken in the more traditional way, while we had been asked to take lots of candid shots of the guests talking to each other, or children playing. Anything really, taken through a Western eye.

It was a very exciting, interesting and tiring day. A lot, lot different to a European wedding. A couple of thousand shots between us, so a lot of editing to be done before I can send them to the happy couple.

As it was a private ceremony I'm discrete enough not to share any of the photos with you, but I'm sure the bride and groom won't mind me posting this; a chocolate reminder of the happy day.