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Thursday, 19 December 2013

A White Christmas

As I was looking for some freezer bags in the kitchen, I stumbled upon this Christmas goodie that Gail had stashed away until next week.

She had tried copying me, as I sometimes hide bars of chocolate around the house; sometimes in the most unusual of places.

I think we are both chocoholics, and I try to limit the supply, by only making so much available at a time. Sometimes of course Gail just happens to come across a bar or two on her travels around the house, then of course we just have to finish the lot!

By the time that I had taken this photo, my darling wifey had already decapitated him. She offered me some, but I sad no, as I had already had two blubbery muffins and thought that should be my limit for the day.

The Snowman and the Snowdog premiered on television last Christmas, and it was a lovely, heartwarming story of a little boy who was missing his own pooch, as it had died and so wrote to Santa for a new one. Hopefully they will show it again next week. Of course by which time, this snowman would have melted away in our mouths.