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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Blowing Up The Old Year

New Year's eve and Gail and I went to the castle to see the annual end of year firework display. This year they had opened the castle grounds. There was also some bands on and some stalls. By the time we got there, the ABBA tribute band that we had seen earlier in the year were on in the bandstand, and the crowd was singing along to the such well known songs.

As midnight approached, everyone stood and waited for the chimes of midnight to start and the firework display to begin.  The display went on for about 15 minutes. In fact I was beginning to wonder when it would stop. I took quite a few of the fireworks exploding in the sky; of which many were of course either blurred or had hardly anything in them.

So I turned my attention to where the fireworks were coming from, and waited to see if anything exciting would be happening. I wasn't really disappointed, as I like this shot of the people watching a line of fireworks igniting and making for a good display.

It now just remains for me to wish everyone of you that has visited my blog, and especially those that have been kind enough to leave a comment or two, a very happy and healthy 2014.