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Friday, 13 December 2013

The Full Nelson

I was requested by work the other day to go down to London today to photograph an awards ceremony that was taking place at their offices in Westminster.

I had to get a very early train to St Pancras Station, and then a couple of tube journeys to central London. I immediately headed towards the Houses of Parliament to take a phone pic for Gail, as I always send her a message when I go away, so she knows that I got there safely. I then went to Parliament Street for the briefing of what photographs were required for the day.

By the time the event was over it had gone 4pm and it was beginning to get dark. Whilst walking around Parliament Square, I came across the statue of the late departed Nelson Mandela; President of South Africa. And all around the base were flowers, piled high, almost up to the statue's knees. There was a policeman standing guard, to make sure that there was no trouble, or the flowers got stolen. There were loads of tourists taking pictures and reading the cards. So of course I did the same.