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Friday, 27 December 2013

Review Of The Year - November & December

November of course included Remembrance Sunday. I hadn't really attended one before, as I usually watch it on TV. So I popped down to see Beeston's version. Obviously nowhere as big as they have in other places, but it was very well attended, and plenty to photograph, including several wreathes to those lost to war.

On a more happier note, December saw Gail and I take some pre-wedding photographs of a nurse that Gail knows called Gemma and her fiancee David. We had a very good afternoon's shoot with them, despite the overcast sky, and they were pleased with the photos that we sent them. Incidentally they are getting married early in the new year. And yes, we will be doing the photography.

I hope you have enjoyed flitting through my photographic year over the past few days. Looking back over the last twelve months, I've been surprised at how many events I've been to and what I've managed to photograph on my Olympus OMD. I've also got better at using Lightroom. Although I don't do a lot to my photographs, unless I really want to and the image is crying out to be drastically altered.

Besides the everyday photography around the streets of Nottingham, I wonder what events, places and people I will get to photograph during 2014? Whatever it will be, I am looking forward to finding out.