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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

From The Sublime To The Ridiculous

This evening turned out to be quite eventful for two reasons, firstly I went along to Paul Smith's store on Middle Pavement, as I'd found out that he was going to be there signing copies of his new book about the history of his fashion empire.

I have always wanted to meet him, as he is also a Beeston lad. I did know his parents, who alas aren't around anymore, as his father Harold was a keen photographer in Beeston's camera club.

Afterwards I met up with Gail at Nottingham Playhouse, as it was their 50th birthday and they were having a gala evening. I had won some tickets a couple of hours earlier for this year's panto, Jack and the Beanstalk, so I said that I would meet her outside the theatre just before curtain up.

So I had a wander up to see what was happening, and the place was absolutely heaving with fans of the theatre. The local BBC team were there interviewing Stephanie Sirr, who is one of the executives of the Playhouse over the landmark. I just happened to wander by whilst the interview was taking place, and so appeared on TV for a couple of seconds, as it was going out live!

We then settled down to watch the panto. The stage design and costumes were very colourful. This year also marks the 30th and last show starring Kenneth Allen Taylor as the leading lady. Everyone knows the story and the jokes were as corny as ever. There was a bit of ad-libbing, as one of the actors appeared to have forgotten his lines, and Kenneth did a cod Frankie Howerd impression. I wasn't sure if it was genuine ad-libbing, or rehearsed. But it was very amusing all the same.