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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Ghost Ship

I had lunch today with some old colleagues from where I used to work. We tend to meet up most Wednesdays at different eateries across the city centre, where we have a good catch up and have a bite to eat.

This week we went to the Trip to Jerusalem; Nottingham's oldest pub, and which dates back to 1189AD. I've been in a couple of times, but have never ordered any food before.

Besides being very old and supposedly haunted, there is also this old model ship that is meant to be cursed, in that whoever touches it, dies! So of course no one has dared go near it. A few people have tried to clean it in the past and all have apparently died within the year in strange circumstances.

You can see from the dust clinging to the rigging and sails that it has not been touch for years and years, and everyone is safely protected by a case over it.