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Monday, 9 April 2012

Bank Holiday Blues

As per usual, it's a bank holiday and it's been raining all day. This meant that I couldn't get on with some landscaping that I am presently doing in the back garden. I've built a new bigger and deeper pond. The basics are done, but the old pond has to be filled in and the area raked over. But with so much rain today, the soil resembles mud.

So I've been inside for a large majority of the day. We did go out to a couple of superstores and ate at our local pub this afternoon. So no photo opportunities presented themselves today. So here's a one I prepared earlier, as they used to say on Blue Peter. It's one I took at the small airport near Wolverhampton on Friday.

I couldn't tell you what make of plane it was, but I was taken by the painting on the nose. You often see such avatars on warplanes, but they're not that common on small light aircraft. The plane was painted completely in silver, so 'baby doll' added a welcome splash of colour, with a slight hint of Marilyn Monroe!