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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Is It Art?

I knew I should have started on that Ark, with the amount of rain that we've had today! It's been non stop all day.

I still went out with my camera, and had this idea of putting it in a clear plastic bag, to try and keep as much rain off it as I could. The thing is that the bag I had with me had a green tinge to it. I fixed it to the lens and started snapping. The early efforts weren't very good, but after some adjustment, the next ones weren't too bad, and using the bag had given the photos a slightly eerie look to them. Almost like they were taken with a pinhole camera.

I had to change the shutter speed and ISO a bit, as some of them were a bit on the dark side. But overall I am quite happy with my little experiment. It's not something that I would do a lot, but I might try it again on a sunny, dry day and see what the results are like.