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Monday, 16 April 2012

Say Cheese

Of course, one of the things that we both were looking out for at the Gadget Show was all the photographic goodies on display. I was surprised to see that Polaroid cameras have made a comeback, after disappearing a few years ago. What was also surprising the price of one of the two models on sale. £199. The one that the sales girl here is using isn't too bad at £69. But of course the cartridges of film are quite expensive, so you wouldn't want to waste them.

Gail had a go taking my photo with both the models. The cheaper version produces the photo in the traditional fashion, only they are smaller than the classic photos that we are all so used to seeing. The more pricer model produces prints just like you would get them from a high street photo shop. Only the print size is 4" x 3", instead of the usual 6" x 4".

They are fun cameras to use, and it's great to have an instant print, but I can't really see them being as popular as they once were, now that digital cameras have control of the photographic market.