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Friday, 6 April 2012

Up In The Air

For an Easter treat, we drove to Wolverhampton to take a helicopter flight across the West Midlands. Actually we had booked it ages ago and were penciled in to do it last month. But it was cancelled due to bad weather. So they had rescheduled it for today.

The weather was sunny this morning when we left home, but got progressively duller the further we drove to our destination. So by the time we reached the airfield, it had become very overcast and cold. Not the best conditions for taking aerial photos of the ground below. We had a snack and a drink while we were waiting.

A woman and her granny joined us on the flight, which lasted about twenty minutes. We flew over lots of farmland and open country, which was a little boring to be honest, as there wasn't that much of interest to see, except for a few big houses. We did fly along a bit of the River Severn and past the Ironbridge and on to Telford. The cast iron bridge was built over 300 years ago and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I bet it looks amazing on a sunny day. All that pale blue paint gleaming in the sunshine and being reflected in the water. Then there are some museum's dedicated to the industrial revolution, where people dress up in period clothing and explain about what their character did all those years ago.

When we landed, we had a walk round the area. It was classed as an airport, but I'm sure it used to be an old RAF station, as the buildings looked quite old. We took photos of some of the small light aircraft that were dotted around, and of an old Jaguar car, that was being restored.

The flight was OK, but obviously not as exciting as the ones we took in Sydney and Dubai, or even in Monte Carlo for that matter. Still it was something a bit different, and better than sitting at home scoffing Easter eggs!