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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Water Wedding

Whilst looking at the outside of the Midland Hotel, we came across a wedding party. The bride arrived in a Jaguar sports car and Gail was chatting to some of the party about the clothing that they were wearing and taking photos of the outfits.

We then went for a walk along the stone jetty. Morecambe's version of a pier. There were lots of sculptures and artwork featuring birds. Big ones, little ones and some in the ground. We walked to the end, and boy was it windy. But bracing as well, and it was great to hear the sound of seagulls. That always reminds me of the coast, fish and chips and sandcastles.

When we walked back to the promenade, we were both surprised to see the bride and groom having some post wedding photos done with the sea as a backdrop. Certainly something different, especially as the sun was dutifully shining as it should do when you are on holiday.

Gail and I just had to stay and take some photos of our own. We wished both of them well on their future together and Gail said some complementary things about the bride's dress and shoes. She also asked the photographer for a business card. He said that he didn't have any on him, which to us didn't seem that brilliant, as he might have gained some trade from the people that were watching.