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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fat Albert

On the way back from the NEC and passing the sign for Castle Donington, Gail suddenly announced that she wanted to do some plane spotting. She said this because this is where our local airport is based. I said that there was a small museum at the airport as well. So a hunting we did go.

We trundled around the airport roads, but couldn't see any signs for the aeropark. So we left the airport grounds and drove down the road past the airport. Suddenly we came to a sign pointing to the aeropark. Success.

Unfortunately it was closed. Well it had gone 7pm. Still we parked up and had a look at some of the planes on offer. There was a Vulcan, a Lightning, and various other warplanes. Then there was this little beauty. This is an Armstrong Whitworth Argosy, built in 1960 and operated by parcel carrier Elan, and goes by the amusing name of Fat Albert.

I took lots of photos of the planes that I could see, but some of them also included the chain fencing, even though I did my best to throw it out of focus.

We intend to visit the museum properly in the near future and sit watching the planes take off and land. When the weather is better of course, as its still a bit cold at the moment to sit about outside.