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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Gone Shopping

One of the most popular, if not the most popular store in Beeston is Wilko's. Sadly it is closing next weekend for good. Not because of poor trading, because they do a roaring trade, but because of so called progress. Due to Beeston being forced to accept the new tram route, Wilkinson's, to give the shop it's proper name is to be demolished, as it is in the way of the new line. Unfortunately there are no other empty shops in Beeston that is of the same size. So everyone's favourite shop is disappearing, and probably forever from the town centre.

Wilkinson's, for those that don't know, is a family business whose shops sell just about everything you could imagine, and at bargain prices too. Some of the things they sell are of dubious quality, but they sell many brand names a lot cheaper than anywhere else.The company is Nottinghamshire based as well, with the head office located at Worksop, which is in the north of the county. I think most towns and cities have a branch these days.

I went in on yesterday to see what is left, as there has been no stock delivery for weeks, the shelves are becoming more barer by the day. They have moved everything together now, so half the shop is empty. But they have had this good idea of letting people write on the wall with their comments. They've also stuck up all the cards, letters and emails from people who love the shop and displayed the number of awards and certificates the staff have received for giving great customer service.

The shop will be sadly missed, as there is nothing like it in Beeston. Another shop comes close, but they don't sell half the stuff that Wilko's do. So maybe they might get their act together, otherwise everyone will have to go to the city centre to visit either of the two branches there.