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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Post Impression

It's Wednesday, so I'm sure you all know what that means, yes it's the Headbanger Challenge!

Kathy has chosen this weeks theme. After seeing one of Stewart's photos the other day, she's gone for the artistic idea of 'impressionism"; the late 19th century French art movement.

Claude Monet has been acknowledged as the originator of impressionist painting. The word actually comes from the title of one of his paintings. The impressionist style of painting includes bright colours, visible brush strokes, big composition and interesting angles.

Themes tend to fall into two main areas, landscapes and portraits. As Stewart's was of a landscape, I've decided to go with a portrait. Looking through the number of ladies that I have photographed in the last few months, (that shouldn't sound like it does) I just had to use another shot of Hannah from last week.

Messing around in Photoshop Elements 8, I've turned this alluring picture of Hannah into a impressionistic painting. Here is an earlier attempt of one of the promotional models from the photographic trade show. But I don't think it has worked very well. Possibly because I used several software packages, including iPhoto, Picasa and Picnik, rather than the one.

Do pop over to the rest of the gang's pages , except for Dave's, who has sadly left us due to personal reasons. So if you fancy having a go at becoming a Headbanger, then do leave us a message, and enjoy this piece of music accompanying some famous impressionistic paintings.