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Friday, 4 January 2013

A Bit Of Friday Fun

Believe it or not, the sun actually came out today. Hooray!

I didn't really come across anything worth photographing thought. Although January's tend to be rather boring; especially after the excitement of Christmas.

So I had another go at using the 'double exposure' facility of the Olympus OMD. It's something that I've recently come across, and thought I would see what sort of pictures it can produce.

Wandering around the Old Market Square, I saw this man trying to take a photograph with his Blackberry. So I took a photo of him. He then asked if I would take a photo of him using his mobile. Of course I agreed, and so he posed for me, while I took his picture.

I had heard on the radio that this weekend would be the last one for the entertainment and food that's been on offer in the Old Market Square. since late November. So I wondered what would happen if I combined the photo of the guy, with a picture of the sky ride.

And here's the result. I'm not sure whether it is any good or not. But it was just an experiment. I know that you can probably do a similar thing in Photoshop. But I wanted to know what it would look like doing it 'live'.