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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Saturday Scrummage

I tend to spend Saturday mornings shopping in Beeston. Besides the usual food shopping, I love to have a look around our plethora of charity shops. We have about seven. Some I buy a fair bit from; others very little.

The only thing I bought today was this ash tray, which I got for the princely cost of 50 pence. I saw it, and knew that I just had to have it, as it has a local connection with Nottingham.

Home Bitter was one of the ales belonging to Home Brewery, a local brewer that unfortunately closed in the mid 1980s.

They of course had Robin Hood for their logo, as on here.

I'm not sure how old this tray is, as there is no date on the back. It was produced in England though and made from Melamine. Maybe someone with an interest in brewerina might be able to shed some light about it.

I don't suppose it is worth much money, but it is a fun thing to own and part of local history.