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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Review Of 2012

Well a new year and new beginnings. A time to reflect on the past year and what might happen during the new one.

I have been looking through all my blog posts and really surprised how much I've done and places & events that we've been to.

It's difficult to try and pick one favourite photograph from the 365+ that I've published on my blog this year. They have included many models, shots of Oscar and Marmalade, old cars, large scale events and the little minutiae that make up a day.

For some reason I'm drawn to this shot that I took in May at Wollaton Park at a battle reenactment show. Possibly because it is unusual to see two people in period costume walking next to a period building with no 21st century clutter in view.

I think it looks like a scene from a movie. Although I if I was taking the shot again, I would set the couple more to the right side of the frame and show a bit more of Wollaton Hall. Still I don't think it is too bad a shot considering that it is not posed.

So here's to hopefully a enjoyable and successful year full of photographic highlights and wonderful shots.