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Friday, 18 January 2013

Bet He Wishes He Had A Scarf

The weather people said that we were in for a snowstorm today. I and a few friends at work sat and waited for it to come. It seemed to be ages and ages before we saw the first flakes.

Darryl, one of my co-workers kept looking on the Internet for weather updates.

Then at around Noon, it began. Not much to start with. Only tiny flakes, which I called dandruff.

The flakes slowly got bigger into what I would call proper flakes and lasted for an hour or so.

It was still lightly snowing on my way home. I took care on my bike, as it was quite thick in places and possibly slippery.

I stopped at a few places and took some photos for Twitter. I also decided to take some for my blog. Above is the bust of Jesse Boot at Highfields, and below is the sandstone rock that the castle was built on.