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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What'o Ginger, Chocks Away

I heard a very amusing, but slightly sad story yesterday about a restored WW2 flying Spitfire fighter that had to crashland at East Midlands Airport, after it had problems with its undercarriage.

The plane caused the temporary closure of the airport, and all flights had to be diverted to the airport at Birmingham; 40 miles away  The pilot wasn't hurt and the airport opened after a few hours.

The vintage fighter which belongs to Rolls Royce was fully restored in 2010 and is often used in air displays throughout the summer months. Incidentally Rolls Royce made the Merlin engine that powered the famous fighter.

Hopefully the plane can be repaired and will be able to fly before too long, just like the one below that I snapped in Lincolnshire last summer.