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Friday, 27 September 2013

A Mixed Bag

It certainly has been an unusual day photography wise. The second Great Notts Show started today in the Old Market Square. I went down at lunchtime to see what was on offer. There were a lot of food stalls and people selling goods of all descriptions. Many I have seen in the Square before.

I noticed that there was a big marquee, so I popped my head in to see what was going on inside. It had been set up for cooking demonstrations. And there getting ready for his talk on making sausages, was well known and award winning local butcher Johnny Pusztai. I knew who it was, as I had read my friend Phil's food blog the other day, and he had written about meeting Johnny in his shop in Sherwood. Here's a WEBLINK to Phil's site, so you can read all about it yourself.

Almost every day I look in the window of a camera shop to see if they are selling any second hand Olympus lenses. On my way there, I saw some people doing all sorts of strange things in the name of art. The group were called Little Wolf Parade. One of the less bizarre 'acts' was this girl who would keep your secret for 10p.

It had been a very warm and sunny day today, so cycling home I decided to ride through Highfields and see if I could get a shot of the sunset over the lake.  I quite like the cloud formation, which almost looks like a giant bird flying through the sky.