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Saturday, 14 September 2013

History On The Move

It's the national Heritage Open Day today, where buildings open their doors to the public that are usually shut.

So I popped along to the old Barton's bus depot, which has now become a bit of a museum to the bus company and they also stage events like concerts and art works.

It was quite interesting seeing the vehicles again, as I have visited the former depot quite a few times before. But I noticed one or two new vehicles in the collection, like this old fire engine above.

The towing vehicle above looks like it used to be a former army or RAF vehicle, especially with those big tyres.

Here's a couple of commercial vehicles; a tractor for pulling trailers and another recovery vehicle. A lot bigger than the previous tow truck, probably designed for rescuing double deckers.

There were also a few cars on show like this Ford Escort from the late 1960s with Bartons' Robin Hood logo on the front in flag form.