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Monday, 2 September 2013


Coming out of Sainsbury's supermarket tonight I heard this dog barking that was tied up near my bike. So after loading my saddle bags with the groceries that I'd bought, I started to talk to him, to try and stop his barking, as I don't think its ever good for a dog to bark too much, unless its a warning or something.

He was obviously missing his master or mistress, who had gone shopping too.  After a little while, he calmed down a bit and I then got out my camera, as I thought he might make for a cute pooch portrait.

He was a bit unsure at first as to what my OMD might be, as he might not have seen a camera before. He cowered a little bit and started to bark again but soon got over his apprehension, and then quietly sat down while I got a few shots.