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Friday, 6 September 2013

Sauve, Smart And Deadly

Nottingham has always had a strong input in the entertainment industry, either through films that were made here like Saturday Night, Sunday Morning or TV shows like Boon. And actors that have made a name for themselves like Samantha Morton or the late Richard Beckinsale. Then there is Shane Meadows, who has made many movies that were filmed here, such as This Is England.

One local actor who you may not know that well is White Dolemite. His real name is a secret for some reason, but he specialises in violent thrillers that often depict revenge when he has to face the Yakuza and other gangs who have wronged him in some way. He has also done a couple of horror films with zombies, and some raunchy sex movies.  He always wears his trademark eyepatch and often wears sharp suits and Cuban heels.

I caught up with White this evening as he made a special guest appearance at the City Gallery where he opened an exhibition showing a number of posters of his movies. I was surprised that he has made so many films after seeing them all together on the gallery walls.

We chatted for a while and I got him to pose alongside some of the artwork. For such a screen icon, he was a real down to Earth guy, who just loved a cigarette and a beer like everyone else.

The 'X rated man' exhibition is worth seeing, and to see such collectable posters up close is amazing. It's really the sort of show that London galleries put on, that somehow makes it feel elitist, whereas at the City Gallery, you feel quite comfortable and normal, just like White himself.

To get an idea of what a typical White Dolemite film is like, here's the trailer for his latest cinematic masterpiece. Please be warned that even though it's only a trailer, blood and graphic violence are seen. So if you are of a nervous disposition, or a bit squeamish, then please don't watch.