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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Sign Of The Times

This is possibly the biggest sign that I have ever seen. It went up earlier this week in the town where I live.

As I have written before, Beeston is presently undergoing some extensive construction work to build a new tramline. This has caused a lot of controversy, as many people think it is a waste of money. Especially as it is costing an enormous amount, some £570 million. Others have lost their homes, many, many trees have been cut down, and the shopkeepers on Chilwell High Road are worried about their livelihoods, as footfall along there has dropped off as the road has been cut off from traffic whilst it is being dug up.

Fortunately these shopkeepers are getting some compensation. Whether or not it is enough remains to be seen, especially as the road is remaining closed for probably another year.

So back to this giant sign. It has been fixed to the side of the former fire station, and the idea is that anyone seeing the sign (and who can miss it) will instantly head off in either direction and spend their money.

I hope it does have the desired effect, but I fear that many people are now starting to avoid the town, as I think there are less people about on a Saturday morning when I go shopping.

As you can probably gather, I'm not a fan of the idea and campaigned against it some years ago, but sadly to no avail.So we'll just have to see if it ends up a success or not.