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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Well Then, How Does Your Garden Grow?

I visited a local allotment on Wollaton Road this afternoon, as they were having an open day. I've only been there once, and that was only a fleeting visit a couple of years ago, so this time I was determined to see what was on offer.

It's a pretty big allotment too. And I was surprised how big, with long grassed pathways dividing plots. There were a few stalls, including bric a brac, face painting and gardening tips. There was also refreshments on offer, and I bought a couple of big slices of home made chocolate cake, which I polished off at home, as I bought Gail a chunk too.

I spent a fascinating hour or so slowly walking around and looking for things to photograph.  Firstly I had a go at taking a micro-shot of a bee collecting nectar on a sunflower. Then I came across this neglected plot and rotting shed. I'm surprised that no one had taken it on, as allotments are more popular than ever as people try to grow their own food, rather then pay ever rising shop prices.

I also couldn't resist taking a shot of Mr and Mrs Scarecrow, standing guard over the rhubarb, onions and other vegetables that are growing in the fertile soil.