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Sunday, 15 September 2013

All Is Safely Gathered In

I spent some time today collecting apples, blackberries, plums and rhubarb from our garden, and was pleasantly surprised how much I managed to harvest, considering that I don't really do anything to look after them.

The blackberry bushes just appeared and so I've just let them find their own way amongst the other bushes. The rhubarb just seems to spring up every year without fail, the apple tree is probably about 25 years old, but is a special variety as it doesn't grow very tall or wide. My late father bought it from an advert in a newspaper, and so it has been moved around a few times. The plum tree is a new addition to the garden, and only in its second year, so I was amazed that actually produced any fruit, especially as we had a fairly poor spring.

There is a rhubarb and blackberry crumble cooking in the oven as I am writing this. The apples and plums will probably be eaten raw, as Gail and I will take some to work to eat during the day. And very tasty I expect them to be.