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Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Battlefield

The battle is over for now. Bombs and bullets have been fired from both sides. Casualties have been reported and medical aid has been arranged.

The mist of spent weaponry drifts across cratered land. The smell of death and churned earth hangs heavy in the air.

Men sit in silence. Shocked at what they have witnessed and have to deal with since it began.

The opening lines of a new war novel perhaps, or a photo of one of the battles in Syria?

Well no. The writing is my own and the photo is actually of the tram works along University Boulevard. The 'smoke' is actually water, misted to keep the dust at bay.

The land does look like a bomb site though with holes everywhere, piles of earth and fencing by the mile. While Beeston itself has been compared to Beirut on many occasions now.