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Thursday, 26 September 2013

My Sweetheart

There's a new sweetsop opened in Beeston recently and I popped in the other day to see what was on offer; especially as they were only charging 59p for 100 grams.

It was a real pick n mix affair, where you collect a bowl and a scoop at the door and then walk around looking at all the treats on offer in compartments. I selected a number of different sweets. Just one or two, so I could get a good selection. White mice, bon bons, chocolate drops and then I came across some coated heart shaped candies.

Of course I had to select a couple for my special sweetheart Gail. When I got home I said that I had bought her a treat, and handed over the small white bag of sweets. She quickly started eating them, and so decided to take a photo of the last heart before Gail popped it into her mouth to join the rest of the sweeties.